Thriller Theater!

Added 22 June 2016
At the moment, since about a week ago, our movie might not be available for streaming on Amazon because they are converting all of the CreateSpace assets to a new format and service. The conversion took a few days, but now we’re on the hook to provide all-new artwork because the artwork we originally provided no longer meets their requirements, and we need to figure out how to provide a standalone caption file (the movie is captioned on the DVD). This might take some time (a lot of our artwork assets were lost in a hard drive crash in 2012), but the good thing is that we think the movie will also be available streaming on once everything is done, which is wonderful because it hasn’t previously been available in the UK. HOWEVER, the DVD is still available, and you’ll want that anyway – it’s vastly preferred over the streaming or download versions, because of the ton of extras that are only available on the DVD.

Added 5 November 2014
Sorry. The site has been down for…we aren’t even sure how long. WordPress problems, finally resolved. Most things are working again, some aren’t. But we really needed to get the site back up so we could share the links to order or watch the movie! DVD (with tons of extras) available NOW, and the movie is also available for streaming or download (movie only, no extras), all from Amazon. Check out the info on the new “Get It!” tab.

Added 18 September 2012
We’ve been working on a DVD release that we anticipate will be available by mid-November. In the meantime, we deeply apologize for not making regular announcements here on the website, instead relying on Facebook. We’ve had TWO film festival acceptances (and subsequent screenings): GenCon Film Festival, and the ChiCon Film Festival at the World Science Fiction Convention. We’re not done sending to festivals, though! We’ll also be having a screening at the Chicago TARDIS convention, which this year is featuring our star actress Sophie Aldred as a guest. And as a last comment, we’re all wishing director Mike Olson recovers quickly and healthily from his illness.

Added 7 October 2011
A bunch of information to cover here. The premiere at the Portage was great! Appreciation for the movie seemed to be unanimous, and for that we are very grateful and encouraged! The Kickstarter campaign was successful, and one of the rewards for all pledges was a thank you list, so here it is, a great big THANK YOU to the following wonderful people who made the screening happen without draining our wallets!
Gary Zielinski
David H Adler
Jill Petillo
Sean D Francis
Dawn Priory
Ruth Ann Stern
Susan Kueny
Bob Brown
Stephanie Blumberg
Kathleen Meyer
Lauren Gleason
Blayne Jensen
Scott Alan Woodard
Mary Nunaley
Paul Edlund
Coleman Wolf

Last bit of info: ANOTHER SCREENING, this time FREE! Friday October 21 at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Todd Wehr Auditorium, 9pm-11pm. For more information contact Nick Seidler, 414-277-6922. Yes, there will be a cast & crew Q&A session following the screening. Hope to see you there!

Added 3 September 2011
Director Michael S. Olson will be interviewed on the Nick Digilio show on WGN AM 720 on Tuesday, September 6 at approximately 12:30 am (just to be clear, that’s more colloquially known as very late Monday night). They will chat about the movie, its origins, production, and upcoming premiere… which, by the way, is less than a week away! Remember, the Kickstarter project concludes Monday at 11:59 pm (about a half hour before the WGN radio interview), and the premiere is Thursday. See you there!

Also, check out some new videos and music clips put up on our new YouTube page.

Added 22 August 2011
We have launched a Kickstarter (crowd-funding) project to help us pay the theater rental costs for our premiere screening (details below). Please consider donating and, by all means, spread the word! Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding, if we don’t reach the $800 goal, we get $0. We’ve got a few pledges already but have a long way to go!

Added 13 August 2011
Announcing the premiere screening of THRILLER THEATER!

Thursday, September 8, 2011
Portage Theater, 4050 N Milwaukee Av, Chicago
Doors 7 pm, Show 8 pm
Admission $5
Free parking available
Full concession including alcoholic beverages
Q&A session with cast and crew will follow the movie

Added 1 August 2011
Post-production is complete and the movie is on its way to our first film festival for consideration!

Added 23 July 2011
Here’s the poster for Thriller Theater! Post-production on the movie is expected to be completed soon!

Thriller Theater! one-sheet movie poster

Thriller Theater! one-sheet movie poster

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