Director/Co-writer: Michael S Olson

Mike is one of those sci-fi fans that takes his interest to the next level and creates his own through filmmaking. He grew up in the Chicagoland area, watching Son of Svengoolie on Saturday nights and then sneaking into the living room on Sunday nights to make sure the family’s top-loading VCR was set to record Doctor Who. Although he has written and directed other projects, Thriller Theater! is his first fully original independent film.

Production Assistant: Dennis Kytasaari

Dennis is “just this guy you know…” who is a co-founder of and has been involved with low budget video productions for more than 25 years, mostly behind the scenes and occasionally in front of the camera.

Production Assistant: John Lavalie

John is the co-founder of and and a member of The Museum of Classic Chicago Television. In his spare time he likes to jog.

More crew biographies are forthcoming.

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