The eternal struggle – art vs “real life”. Only a lucky few can succeed in making them one and the same. For thirty-something slacker Tom, it’s best to put off that struggle as long as possible. When the struggle does come, Tom comes up with a clever compromise with the hope of becoming one of those lucky few – he gets the green light to launch an old style horror host television show on the local UHF channel. But he quickly discovers that the road to success is lined with those automatic turret guns from the director’s cut of Aliens, and the budget for the road to success is less than the pocket change in Ed Wood’s trousers. Will Ghoulini and Kitty Kat become local heroes? Will Thriller Theater be a hit for TV60-WPM? Will we make jokes about thespians like Keanu Reeves trying to act better than Michael Rennie in crappy remakes? “Tune in next week on”… Thriller Theater!

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