Tom Stewart (played by Steven Warren Hill)
One day, under pressure from his girlfriend Jeni to “do something” with his life, Tom hatches an idea: to create his own “horror host” television show and share his love of B-movie horror with the world, or at least with the Fairview-Riverside metro area. The idea is easy. The implementation is hard. Selling the idea to local tv station WPM is just the beginning – after that, he has to make it work, and not destroy his life in the process. For anyone who has ever fought the War of Art, Tom represents the footsoldier giving everything he can to make it happen. Tom’s on-screen alter ego is called Ghoulini.

Ed Mercer (played by Robert Warnock)
Ed met Tom in college, and they became good friends. Ed’s got creativity and business sense in equal measure, and is Tom’s idea of a perfect horror host sidekick. Unfortunately Ed’s got Charlie Brown syndrome – always getting the short end of the stick, always getting pushed out, always suffering whenever there’s a disappointing turn of events. His resultant cynicism is one of his strongest and most endearing character traits. Ed’s on-screen alter ego is called Goar.

Dennis Kimmel (played by Benjamin Nicholson)
Dennis is Tom’s childhood friend. Ever since they were kids they’ve had a love of horror and sci-fi films both good and bad, and even though Tom is the “front man” for the Thriller Theater show, Dennis is always backing him up. Dennis has a very casual but neat appearance, and an outward lackadaisical attitude that belies his inner hard-worker.

Nikki (played by Aliza Skolnik)
Nikki is a typical attractive model-type who has yet to find her big break. She pays the bills working as an office temp, because that allows the flexibility to take an afternoon or morning off to go read for a play or try out for a commercial. She winds up with the role of Kitty Kat on the Thriller Theater television show thanks to an inside influence, but she ends up doing the job unexpectedly well.

Jeni (played by Jennifer Ureste)
Jeni is Tom’s girlfriend. They have been dating for over a year now and she’s thinking about taking the relationship to the next level, though she’s unsure about Tom’s feelings on the subject, and now Tom’s got the new television show that seems to distract him one hundred percent of the time. Jeni works in advertising; she likes to get out on the weekends but is beginning to tire of that life.

The Pizza Guy (played by Nick Thompson)
The Pizza Guy – we never know his name – is carefree and fun. He never seems to get upset about anything. He takes great pride in his delivery skills for Juggernaut Pizza, especially the driving. He knows the quickest way to get anywhere in town, at any time. When driving, he’s in the zone, probably picturing himself as the Mad Max of pizza delivery. But he doesn’t like to get involved in anything overly complicated.

Lynn Whitlam (played by Sophie Aldred)
Lynn is the station manager at TV-60 WPM. She lets Wade, her station PR manager, take care of much of the work behind bringing Thriller Theater to the airwaves, but never lets anyone forget that she’s pulling the strings. She’s always keeping her business sensibilities at the fore.

Wade Nagel (played by Nick Seidler)
Wade, TV-60 WPM’s public relations manager, is the guy who takes Thriller Theater and guides it on its journey to success (or perhaps failure), though he’s always got to answer to station manager Lynn. Wade’s sometimes silly and sometimes serious, but always far more focused on the job than anyone ever gives him credit for.

Bob (played by David Kravitz)
Bob is deadpan, matter-of-fact, serious but with a sly twinkle in the eye. He is the television station’s technician, handyman, and janitor, he knows the place and equipment inside and out because he’s been there forever. He’s the typical card-carrying union electrician/labor worker, dedicated to the job but hates staying late, coming in early, or doing favors. He’s sometimes observed carrying bizarre tools, and it’s better not to ask.

Scottie (played by Jack Sturm)
Scottie is the owner of the local pizza joint, Juggernaut Pizza. He is of indeterminate origin – the name, which might even just be a nickname, suggests Scottish; the line of business suggests Italian; but who knows? He is very personable with his customers and does enjoy coming out of the kitchen to chat.

Tish (played by Courtney Lajeunesse)
Tish is Jeni’s best friend from college. Tish is still loving the bar and nightclub scene even as Jeni is starting to drift away from it. She works for the weekend, and everyone usually likes Tish instantly.

Bartholomew (played by Anthony Sarlo)
Bartholomew is the owner of a comics & collectibles store. He knows his stuff and can tell you off the top of his head how much that comic book is worth. He is Tom’s boss in Tom’s “day job” world.

Sid Cooper (played by Mark Kiebles)
Sid Cooper is not your typical “snake oil” salesman type. Sure, he knows what he likes when he sees it. And he can convince you to buy what he’s selling. The difference is that Sid’s approach to all things, from making a sale to flirting with a woman, is the “less is more” approach. He flashes his white smile, alittle twinkle in his eye, and he’s on his way. “I only plant the suggestion, let them realize that they need it.”

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