Steven Warren Hill (Tom Stewart/Ghoulini)
Steve likes to experiment in an awful lot of creative outlets: acting (indie movies such as unknown, television [Leverage], stage, commercials), directing, editing, casting, artwork, writing (author of two volumes of “Silver Scream: 40 Classic Horror Films” from Telos Publishing, currently editor on the forthcoming “Red White and Who” from ATB Publishing), live comedy shows (“Mysterious Theatre 337”), website design and administration, and a smorgasbord of other things. Someday he hopes to become really good at one of them. During those hideous daylight hours, he thinks he’s a technology systems engineer/designer.

Robert Warnock (Ed Mercer/Goar)
Rob has been involved with ultra low budget video and film productions for more than 25 years. In that time he has written, directed, acted and composed scores. The only one for which he feels he has a particular affinity is composing. In fact, he spends much of his spare time writing music, often with fellow Thriller Theater! cast members Nick Seidler and John Curtis (under the name U.N.I.T.).

Benjamin Nicholson (Dennis Kimmel)
Ben is an actor from Chicago with a background in Meisner Technique, Voice and Improv. He most recently starred in feature films Divorced Dudes and Shine Baby Shine. He has also performed most recently in the shows Fever Teeth at Links Hall, A Million Little Zombies at Gorilla Tango Theatre, and Finding Eleusis at the Chicago Fringe Festival (and Fringe Binge). Ben also loves to ride his bike all around the city during the summer, and is an avid Cubs and Bears fan.

Aliza Skolnik (Nikki)
Aliza is making her film debut in Thriller Theater!. She did play Peter Quince once at the Cleveland Playhouse where she forgot all her lines opening night and froze on stage for 3 minutes. Besides acting, she enjoys saving the planet, taking pollution down to zero, having magnified powers, and fighting on the planet side. You can be a planeteer too. Beyond the engineering office optimizing more efficient buildings, Aliza can be found in a kitchen (typically her own but will come cook for cash), conjuring up recipes and experimenting with ingredients, running or biking somewhere between Madison and Chicago, or dancing (mostly by herself… well technically with the avatars on Dance Central). She often eats.

Jennifer Ureste (Jeni)
Jennifer would like to someday figure out what she wants to do when she grows up. She has dabbled in many different arenas: acting (The Invite, unknown, Thriller Theater!), screenwriting (unproduced screenplays), movie producer (unknown, Save Her, Lie Next To Me short), Human Resources Assistant, and Collections Management Assistant at a major Chicago museum, to name a few. For the time being, she has settled on being an Engineering Administrator by day and an independent movie producer in her spare time. She hopes her love of movies will lead into a paying job at some point (the sooner the better). Until then, she remains dedicated to her craft and is currently working toward her back-up plan of becoming a Forensic Anthropologist.

Nick Thompson (The Pizza Guy)
Nick is an independent filmmaker located in and around Chicago. Nick wrote and directed his first feature film The Invite in 2004 at 18 years old. In 2005, Nick followed with a second feature film unknown, an official selection of the Lake County Film Festival. Nick continues to work on a variety of film and video projects while also exploring the world of marketing. He graduated in 2010 from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Entertainment Business degree. Thriller Theater! is Nick’s acting debut. While he hopes to continue acting occasionally, Nick’s true passions are writing, directing, and marketing.

Sophie Aldred (Lynn Whitlam)
Sophie is an English actress and television presenter. In the 1980s she portrayed the character of Ace, companion to Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor, in the world’s longest running science fiction television show, Doctor Who. She often works as a voice artist for animation and television, and has a wide range of experience in writing, radio, and theatre.

Nick Seidler (Wade Nagel)
bio forthcoming

David Kravitz (Bob)
David thanks his agent Craig Zlist for always being there on that little bar near the top of his computer screen whenever he clicks that odd Safari icon. He also thinks highly of his printer despite those funny noises it always makes and how it hesitates just enough to make him sweat whenever he really is needs to print something then just when he’s ready to toss it out the window and sit on the floor and cry it starts to crank out pages, like the time he really needed to print the pages of the script to Thriller Theater! because he had to learn his lines. Of course, he would be remiss if he didn’t say something about his phone and that cute little map that showed him how to get to the location, somewhere just west of the end of the earth, where Thriller Theater! was mostly shot… or at least the scenes that he was in which, he’d be the first to tell you, were the best scenes he was in on each of his shooting days. David is an adult, Caucasian male, 5 feet, 11 inches tall, with no visible scars, a beard of nondescript length, salt and pepper hair that, sadly, has disappeared from the top and rear of his head and if you see any of it please call the nearest Hair Club for Men. Along with acting in this film and others, a few plays – even a couple TV commercials – he has written several plays himself, a couple screenplays, and numerous letters to the phone company regarding charges which he has no recollection of ever making and no intention of ever paying.

Jack Sturm (Scottie)
With Thriller Theater!, Jack returns to the world of performing arts after 27 years. He has pedigrees in broadcast radio, communications, photography and dishwashing. Jack is posing as an engineer until his dreams are realized, which starts with winning the lotto.

Anthony Sarlo (Bartholomew)
Anthony is a failed artist, writer and actor, making him a veritable Renaissance man of failure. His works of distinction include playing the Doctor in the fan film Doctor Who: The Masters of Luxor and the Tattoo Hunter on the radio during late-night commercial breaks. He has dedicated his life to escapism, and one day hopes to type up one of the novels he writes in his head.

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